As part of its participation in the current edition of GITEX 2015, the Ministry of Interior has improved the quality of its smart and e-services, as per the smart Government standards and trends.

Lt. Colonel Faisal Mohammed Al Shimmari, Executive Director of the MoI’s Smart Government Program pointed out the upgrade in the quality of services includes streamlining the flow and availability of data on the website, via a revamp in the website’s domain hosting, structure, design, accessibility and usability, and multi-language content,” he said. Moreover, Lt. Colonel Al Shimmari noted that the Ministry has also enhanced e-participation and social networking platforms, information security and protection and promotion tools, aimed at raising awareness among the public.

He said: “Through these steps, visitors to the Ministry of Interior’s website can now access data and communicate with the departments in charge of implementing the services.”

Additionally, Lt. Colonel Al Shimmari noted that the Ministry has endeavored to provide possibilities for development, because websites have become one of the primary sources of information, especially given the rapid technological evolution and growth of the Internet, which is an important source of information. “As such, while developing the website, the various segments of the community were taken into account, including people with special needs. Moreover, we were keen to boost the speed and availability of smart and e-services, as per the smart Government’s vision,” he underlined.

Furthermore, Lt. Colonel Al Shimmari pointed out that such efforts are aimed at ensuring the provision of services around-the-clock, by allowing customers to keep track of their applications and filling out any missing information, if any, via several channels of communication including SMS. “Customers will also receive a SMS during and upon completion of their transactions. They will also receive an e-mail, on the status of the transaction in process and upon completion.”

Lt. Colonel Al Shimmari reiterated that the Ministry has undertaken the services portals development by adopting the service’s e-portal. “As part of the Ministry’s full smart e-transformation of priority services, the ministry has adopted electronic certificates such as the issuance of Criminal Status Certificates; citizens’ passport renewal; issuance of extract of civil status record, issuance of short-term (60 and 90 days) visas, and domestic helpers’ visas,” explained Lt. Colonel Al Shimmari. He also stressed that this successful experience will soon be fully deployed to include most of the Ministry of Interior’s services.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Interior has provided a mechanism to allow competent authorities to verify the authenticity of the certificates provided to customers via email or by downloading it via the MoI’s application UAE-MOI and the website

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