The Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior discussed avenues of cooperation and partnership with the General Women's Union in order to strengthen the legal culture among women in the United Arab Emirates. This can be accomplished by launching a nationwide education program for women to disseminate legal awareness, comprising an introduction to legal rights, obligations, and the consequences of violating the law.

Lt. Colonel Dr. Hamoud Al Afari, Deputy Director of the Law Respect Culture Bureau, pointed out that the program’s focus is to identify and elaborate on the integral role of women in the upbringing and education of future generations who believe in the ethics and high values of the community. Law and order are of fundamental importance within society, and women must motivate the youth to abide by and encourage others to live by these values.

Additionally, Lt. Colonel Al Afari emphasized that the program is central to achieving the strategic objectives of the Law Respect Culture Bureau, as it creates a social culture of respecting the law based on conviction and not out of fear of legal reprisals.

For her part, Ahlam Al Lamki, Director of Research and Development at the General Women's Union, expressed her sincere thanks to the Law Respect Culture Bureau. “The Bureau is keen to cooperate with the General Women's Union through the ‘Know Your Rights!’ project, which the National Initiatives and Political and Legal Affairs Unit at the Research and Development Department is currently overseeing,” she said. Al Lamaki also noted that the project was launched in November 2009, with the goal of raising women’s awareness of local and federal laws and legislations, and acquainting them with the rights guaranteed by the United Arab Emirates’ constitution and laws.

Legal Researcher Milan Sharif, in charge of the Legal Education Program, briefed the attendees on the role of the Law Respect Culture Bureau in the Ministry of Interior, highlighting the efforts exerted to spread awareness. Initiatives undertaken include organizing lectures, releasing electronic publications and print magazines, and holding various events to educate the community of the importance of knowing and respecting the law as well as the consequences of violating it.

Furthermore, she reiterated that the Bureau endeavors to spread the legal culture through all segments of the community, with an emphasis on the youth. “The Bureau will be organizing a long-term cultural program dedicated to the importance of the law, targeting young people and parents nationwide. Various workshops and educational activities will be held to introduce the law and its vital role in maintaining the community and achieving future goals,” she noted.

In attendance at the joint meeting were Mariam Al Muntheri, Head of Studies and Researches, General Women's Union, and Mona Awad Al Sheikh, Head of the National Initiatives and Political and Legal Affairs Unit at the General Women's Union. The parties agreed to add an educational program aimed at increasing mothers’ capacities to promote the law respect culture among children in the 2016 “Know Your Rights!” project. This will contribute to both creating a conscious and law-abiding society, and increasing women’s legal awareness of issues affecting their daily lives.

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