A delegation of master’s students from Mutah University in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan reviewed the work process of various departments affiliated with the Ministry of Interior and the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters during a two day visit.

Colonel Mohammed Hamid bin Dalmouj Al Dhaheri, Strategy and Performance Development Director General at the Ministry of Interior, welcomed the Jordanian delegation led by Colonel Samir Qaqish at the Smart Library at the Police Departments Complex. He stressed the importance of visits and the exchange of different experiences and knowledge.

The delegation toured the library, which is considered the first in the world in terms of its use of modern technology within science and in spreading knowledge. The library includes a variety of digital information from e-books, scientific journals, e-newspapers, and master’s and PHD theses from around the world.

The Jordanian delegation then reviewed presentations from a number of departments affiliated with the Ministry of Interior. Colonel Mohammed Al Shehhi, Deputy Head of the Human Rights Department at the Ministry of Interior, gave a briefing on the work mechanisms at the department. He reinforced the dedication of the MoI to spread the culture of human rights amongst its staff. Such initiatives include courses and cooperation with local departments and international/humanitarian organizations, exchange visits, regional/international engagements, and following up on the protection of members of society and their public freedoms.

Colonel Obaid Rashid Al Mughni, Chief of the Youth and Children Section at the Social Support Centers Department, gave a presentation on the nature of the centers and their role in addressing simple family and social issues amicably. He described how this promotes tolerance among members of society, in a private and confidential manner.

The Jordanian delegation also visited the Department of Community Police. Major Raid Al Muhairi spoke about the goals of the department, such as promoting trust among members of society and strengthening ties with them. The department also aims to spread the security culture, raise social awareness, and reduce crime rates. He also reviewed the department’s initiatives aimed at engaging society in preserving security.

Captain Issa Al Bloushi gave a presentation about the Law Respect Culture Bureau on the goals of the Bureau, including promoting the law respect culture and the general order in society. The goals are part of the strategy based on raising awareness, respecting and introducing the law, and deepening and supporting the positive values and traditions in society, in order to prevent mistakes in a special methodology through awareness and guidance campaigns.

The delegation was also introduced to the Ministry of Interior’s Child Protection Centre, which provides guidance on all matters related to child protection and coordinates with the related competent authorities. They also reviewed the excellent achievements and initiatives of the center.

On the second day, the Jordanian delegation visited the Punitive and Correctional Establishments Department at the Abu Dhabi Police. They were welcomed by Colonel Ateeq Ibrahim Al Dhaheri, Deputy Director of the Department, who briefed them on the tasks and duties of the department, procedures followed, and the services and activities it provides for the inmates. The delegation also viewed a film about the establishment and toured the rehabilitation workshops, license plate factory, and the job market program. They also visited the classes, educational activities halls, and other facilities.

The delegation also visited the Police College in Abu Dhabi. They reviewed the academic curriculum at the college, graduate studies department, the quantum leap achieved in the department since its inception in 2010 and the master’s degree program in police management and criminal justice.

At the end of the visit Colonel Samir Qaqish, leader of the Jordanian delegation, expressed his respect for the level of services provided by the Ministry of Interior and the various Abu Dhabi Police Departments. He also expressed his admiration with the tremendous development in all security and policing fields.

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