Iris scanner blocks 62,000 illegals

Iris recognition systems installed at the check points country wide detected around 62,000 deportees who tried to re-enter the country over the last four years according to official sources.

These illegal’s attempted to return to the country after they changed their names, passport and obtained job or visit visas. Giving details about this illegal activity, Colonel Ahemed Nasir Al Raisi, Director General of Central operations at the General Headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police said that 11,360 deportees were detected during the first quarter of this year. this includes 3,277 in Abu Dhabi,3,997 in Dubai,3,882 in Sharjah,168 in Fujairah, 29 in Umm Al Quwain and 8 in Ras Al Khaimah.This he said is an average 126 persons caught per day ,more than the average of last year which stood at 90-95 people.

After the offender has his iris scanned once, a unique file is placed in the data base. Around two trillions of random comparisons between images of irises of people from various nationalities have been made over the past three years.

Colonel Raisi said that the iris scan is more accurate than any other computer aided means of identification, such as finger prints, face or voice recognition. The iris scan technology is the most stable in terms of near zero per cent false acceptance rate and less than one percent false recognition rate.

A lot of people have tried to fool the system by using medical eye drops before being scanned ,but the new security system adopted by the police can detect if an iris has been dilated . He said that the system has been installed in 32 posts, including all the international air ports in the country, sea ports, residency department and number of police stations, prisons and deportation centers.

The benefits of the system are that it will help prevent the expelled foreigners from returning to the country, prevent wanted criminals leaving the country as well as for other investigation purposes. He added.

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