Gangs of cable thieves arrested by Abu Dhabi Police
Traders warned not to buy any items without official documents
 Abu Dhabi Police have arrested a gang of 24 persons of the Asian nationality for steeling electrical cables from the outskirts of Abu Dhabi and other Emirates.
 The operation was carried out under the directives of His Highness Lieutenant General Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Minister of Interior, who followed –up the case with utmost attention, said the Brigadier Mohamed Al-Awadi Al Menhali, Director General in charge of police operations at the Genera Headquarters of Abu Dhabi police.
After receiving many reports of thefts in different areas of Abu Dhabi and other emirates, operational teams have been constituted to follow up and monitor movements of the gang members, till all of them were corned and caught. he said.
Brigadier Al Menhali said that the police monitored companies that bought the stolen cables without asking for an invoice, which shows the legality of its origin and trading Police could detect the trading of the stolen cables, and identified all who were involved.
At this point a plan was set to arrest the gang members, and an order was issued for their arrest. The first one was arrested as he tried to leave the country through one of the airports. He admitted being an accomplice in many thefts in many areas in the country, and guided the police to the areas where thefts occurred, gave the names and addresses of his accomplices and collaborators in stealing and trading cables.
On interrogating the gang members, they admitted having committed more than 100 thefts all over Abu Dhabi and the other Emirates said, the Director General Police Operation
Al Menhali urged the owners of commercial shops in the industrial areas and other places not to buy any commodities whatsoever without original documents to prove the origin of the products offered for sale.
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