The 31st Meeting of Directors General of Inquiries and Criminal Investigations in the GCC States kicked off on Monday morning in Abu Dhabi. The meeting aims to exchange experiences, information, expertise, and knowledge, and to standardize the plans and efforts aimed at enhancing the security and stability of the GCC States.

The meeting, which was headed by Major General Ali bin Hussein Al Hadi, Head of the Saudi Arabia delegation, tackles the fight against crime in all its forms, and ways to counter crime in order to achieve security and stability.

In his inaugural speech, Brigadier Hamad Ajlan Al Amimi, Director General of the Federal Criminal Police at the Ministry of Interior, Head of the UAE delegation, expressed his hope that the meeting would efficiently contribute to strengthening security cooperation and coordination among GCC States for the benefit of the peoples of the region, as dictated by the common goals and destiny between sister Arab states.

He said: “This meeting complements the security cooperation amongst GCC member states and comes in response to the decision of Their Highnesses and Their Excellencies the GCC ministers of interior, who are keen to support and promote security cooperation between the GCC countries in order to achieve security and stability in the region.” He also pointed out that this meeting is part of a series of security meetings between the GCC States.

Moreover, Brigadier Al Amimi expressed his wishes for a successful meeting that would come up with recommendations that contribute to supporting and enhancing security and stability in the GCC States and attaining the level of cooperation and integration coveted by GCC States and their peoples.

Brigadier Al Amimi expressed his thanks and appreciation to the GCC Secretariat General for the efforts exerted in order to enrich such meetings in the framework of the joint security action.

Major General Ali bin Hussein Al Hadi, Head of the Saudi Arabia delegation and chairman of the meeting, expressed his thanks to the UAE officials for the warm welcome and good hospitality and their keenness to provide the necessary resources to strengthen security cooperation among GCC countries .

For his part, Colonel Saif Al Khairain Al Hajiri, Deputy Assistant Secretary General of Security Affairs at the Gulf Cooperation Council, expressed his thanks and appreciation for the UAE for hosting, organizing, and preparing for this meeting. He also conveyed the greetings of Colonel Hazza’a Mubarak Al Hajri, GCC Assistant Secretary-General for Security Affairs and his deepest wishes of success for all.

Then, the first session of the meeting was launched; with a discussion of the decisions issued by the 34th meeting of the GCC Minister of Interiors, related to inquiries and criminal investigations.

The attendees also discussed a number of topics related to activating the GCC Police Force by establishing common criminal databases and information; in addition to a number of security issues on the agenda aimed at enhancing cooperation and coordination between GCC States.
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