Following the conclusion of the 2015 Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) on Saturday, the ADIHEX Security Committee estimated that a total number of 2,154 weapons were sold to citizens throughout the duration of the exhibition – a value worth Dh30,675,659. 

These remarks were stated by Colonel Hamid Said Al Afrit, Head of the Weapons and Explosives Department at the Directorate General of the Security and Ports Affairs at Abu Dhabi Police, and Chairman of the 2015 ADIHEX Security Committee. He stressed that the value of the weapons sold reflects the turnout at the exhibition and “is indicative of its success, which could not have been possible without the cooperation and coordination from the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH), Abu Dhabi Customs, and other security authorities.” 

“The facilities and services provided by the Security Committee have effectively contributed to the positive and effective marketing and procurement process, which led to an increase in arms sales,” he said. Colonel Al Afrit also noted that the services had been made available through an allocated desk to help customers obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct and criminal clearance report onsite; in addition to introducing customers to the conditions and required documents for purchasing weapons. 

Colonel Al Afrit also explained that a number of citizens who had previously applied for the relevant certifications were able to receive their weapon licenses during the exhibition.

Additionally, Colonel Al Afrit noted that the Security Committee worked to promote awareness amongst weapon holders and to encourage them to comply with the instructions and regulations for using weapons. He called upon citizens to clear their transactions before the next session of ADIHEX in order to receive their licenses and weapons during the exhibition. 

The Ministry of Interior established the ADIHEX Security Committee in order to supervise the issuance of licenses for hunting weapons in accordance with a meticulous mechanism that ensures the ease of procedures and swift delivery. The committee is keen to be involved in awareness processes that generate interest and contribute to spreading the culture of acquiring weapons.
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