The Social Support Centers Department at the Directorate General of Community Protection and Crime Prevention at the MoI organized two lectures to acquaint the Cleveland Clinic - Abu Dhabi personnel with the department, its objectives and the myriad of services it provides to the public.

The lectures are part of the cooperation with the various governmental and private entities, in order to highlight the role of the Social Support Centers and familiarize community segments with their services. A delegation from the department visited the Cleveland Clinic comprising Captain Hanan Al Raisi, the Programs and Activities Branch Manager at the Community Affairs Section, and Strategic Expert Jonathan McCaul, who delivered two lectures in English to the Cleveland Clinic personnel.

The lectures included a brief overview about the services provided by the department, and the different cases it handles, such as domestic violence, abuse of women and children, and family counseling services that are provided with high confidentiality. The lectures also shed the light on the educational programs and activities provided by the department for all segments of society.

Strategic Expert Jonathan McCaul called upon attendees to not hesitate and to communicate with the department in case they face social issues. He noted that such problems will be handled with a high level of confidentiality and professionalism, by providing amicable solutions to disputes, and offering individual consultations and professional handling of such cases.
The Social Support Department also acquainted attendees with the secure and diverse methods of communication, such as the Aman Service, which receives confidential information round-the-clock in Arabic, English and Urdu. People can contact the service by calling the toll free number: 8002626, or by sending an SMS to 2828.

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