The Al Ain Traffic and Patrols Section at the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate revoked 117 driving licenses and cancelled 4 licenses last April, of drivers who violated the traffic regulations.

Captain Mohammed Abdullah Al Bloushi, Traffic Violations and Vehicle confiscation Branch Manager at Al Ain Traffic and Patrols Section, explained that holders of the revoked driving licenses had exceeded the cumulative number of 24 traffic black points. Moreover, he warned against the consequences of law violations such as dangerous overtaking of other vehicles by truck drivers (resulting in 24 black points) and reckless driving in a way that poses a danger to others or racing on the roads (resulting in 12 black points).

He added: “Revoking driving licenses aims at preventing reckless drivers from posing a risk to themselves and to other road users for a short period of time. For a first offence, a license is withdrawn for a period of three months, six months in the second instance, then for a year and then it may be revoked permanently if the driver commits a fourth offence. If he continues to drive with a cancelled license, he shall be punished and transferred to the concerned authority for investigation, then to the General Prosecution to render the appropriate sentence.”

In conclusion, Captain Al Bloushi urged motorists to abide by traffic laws, particularly the legal speed limits on the roads. He emphasized that non-compliance with the speed limits on roads is one of the major causes of traffic offenses.
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