The Medical Services Section at the Abu Dhabi Police Medical Services Department organized a ceremony in Al Ain to honor the winning children in the ‘Police Young Artist’ competition and to select distinguished drawings and paintings. Six children of different age groups won in the competition and were awarded certificates and gifts in the ceremony that was attended by parents and staff members of the Medical Services Section.

The ‘Police Young Artist’ initiative was launched by the Al Ain Medical Services Section under the slogan ‘My Colors and I’. The initiative aims at encouraging children to demonstrate their creativity and ability to draw, in order to develop their powers of imagination and visual skills. It also aims to reinforce their relation with medical and police institutions.

Major Dr. Hamad Saeed Al Shamesi, Chief of Medical Services Section, explained that the initiative falls in line with the leadership’s strategy to encourage staff members to be creative and innovative and to provide relevant suggestions and ideas that would serve their work. Such initiatives encourage staff members to exert further efforts and dedication by promoting a spirit of fair competition amongst them.

Major Al Shamesi said: “The ‘Police Young Artist’ initiative is child-oriented and is organized on a quarterly basis. As a part of the initiative, the most expressive drawings are selected, classified and assessed. Winning drawings are then exhibited by the police departments.” He also pointed out to the leadership’s intention to spread this approach across the ministry’s different sectors.

Fatima Ali Al Ka’bi, Head of the Strategy Unit, and the mastermind behind the initiative said: “I was watching children with their parents and was amazed by the waves of energy and activity they exhibit. Children love to play and discover, , so I decided to give them crayons and paper to allow them express their thoughts. I asked them to draw whatever comes to their mind, and I was surprised with their talent and innovations; and that was the idea that warranted the initiative.”

Ms. Al Ka’bi explained that participants were divided into age groups; 1-3 years old; 4-8 years old, and 9-14 years old. Two children were shortlisted in each of the three categories, whose drawings express innovation and creativity. The initiative was highly acclaimed and encouraged by the department.”

Parents of participating children expressed their thanks and appreciation for the initiative, which fills children’s leisure time with purposeful activities, develop their talents, and acquaint them with the nature of police work.

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