The Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police raised awareness of truck drivers on Abu Dhabi- Al Ghuwaifat road. The Department designated awareness spreading points in petrol stations and drivers’ gathering locations along the road. This initiative aims to limit causes that lead to traffic accidents involving trucks.

Major Suhail Sayah Al Mazroui, Chief of the Western Region Highways Section, urged motorists to adhere to designated speed limits, avoid overtaking, stop their vehicles when horizontal visibility levels reduce during fog or disturbed wither conditions, and adhere to the lanes while driving. He also reminded them that trucks are not allowed into Abu Dhabi City during peak hours.

He also explained that this awareness initiative focuses on the serious violations and causes of traffic accidents that recently occurred in the Western Region. The initiative also aims to provide advice about the importance of adhering to speed limits that are designated for the trucks, in addition to the importance of using seatbelts. The initiative also warns about the dangers of overloading trucks and the importance of tires’ safety, along with the dangers of using phones while driving. The awareness initiative also calls upon drivers to stop their trucks off the road in the designated areas whenever they feel tired or sleepy.

For his part, Captain Abdul Rahman Al Ali, Public Relations Branch Manager at the Western Region Highways Section noted that the awareness initiative include distributing brochures in Arabic and English for drivers coming into or leaving the UAE. It aims to raise their awareness and encourage them to adhere to speed limits designated on the signage along the road, in addition to ensure tire safety to avoid summer accidents.
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