The Emergency and Public Safety Department at Abu Dhabi Police participated in the Crisis and Disaster Management Workshop organized by the British University of Salford at Park Rotana Abu Dhabi. The Workshop tackled the best scientific ways to combat disasters; the means to avail of modern technology in crisis management, and the need to increase community members’ awareness about disasters and the proper behavior during disasters.

Major Abdullah Al Saghiri from the Emergency and Public Safety Department gave a presentation showcasing the means to engage community members in disaster preparedness. He also tackled the importance of early warning systems, which he said “contribute to sustainability and reduce the impacts of disasters.”

Major Al Saghiri also showcased the four components of the early warning system notably; Risk assessment to build a baseline understanding about the types of risks; detection and monitoring, to keep up-to-date on how those risks and vulnerabilities change through time; communication and dissemination, to communicate the risk information and warnings to reach those in danger; and finally an adequate response capability by concerned institutions or community members, to prepare for the adverse event and to minimize its impact.

In conclusion, he said: “The workshop underscored the need to coordinate and double collective work between institutions and community members to face and mitigate the risks associated with disasters, as well as the importance of continuously organizing such workshops to exchange scientific and practical expertise, and get acquainted with the best international practices related to disasters and crisis management.”

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