The Abu Dhabi Police recently held a specialized workshop to discuss social responsibility methodology development, in a bid to improve the work and implementation processes in accordance with the established strategy.

The workshop was attended by liaison officers and their deputies in charge of implementing the methodology, with the aim of identifying the implementation challenges, and collecting their opinions and suggestions.

Brigadier Mohammed Rashid Kasheem Al Shamesi, Head of the Diwan Department, underlined the keenness of the police leadership to spread a culture of social responsibility, and encourage initiative and participation in volunteer work. “This would contribute to serving the community, preserving the gains of development and progress, and maintaining security and stability across the country,” he said. Adding further, he noted that the department periodically reviews the social responsibility methodology in order to keep abreast of new developments and international standards in this regard.

For his part, First Lieutenant Khalid Omar Al Zubaidi, Acting Social Responsibility Branch Manager, indicated that the workshop focused on discussing initiatives and activities, and their objectives that come in line with the Abu Dhabi Police’s strategy to promote social responsibility. First Lieutenant Al Zubaidi also noted that liaison officers submitted a number of observations and proposals to develop social responsibility in an integrated manner.

In conclusion, he emphasized that the societal initiatives launched by the Abu Dhabi Police are subject to continuous development, taking into account the requirements and needs of society and aim at providing distinguished services to community members and enabling them to obtain these services easily, wherever they may be.

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