To mark the World Health Day 2016 held under the slogan of “Fighting Diabetes”, the Clubs Department at the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ organized an array of educational activities and events, lectures and workshops with the aim of raising awareness of the dangers of diabetes and its complications.

The events also featured medical tests like measuring blood sugar levels, body mass index (BMI), weight and height, in addition to educational competitions and the distribution of educational manuals on the means to prevent obesity, heart disease, and tooth decay.

On the same note, the department concluded the activities of the “Friends of the Police” program for the sons and daughters of officers, non-commissioned officers, and civilian staff members at the Ministry of Interior. The program took place during the second semester vacation 2015/2016, with the participation of students aged between 7 and 12 years old.

Brigadier Saeed Saif Al Nuaimi, Deputy Director General of Finance and Services at Abu Dhabi Police, stressed that these programs are designed for the benefit of children of the Ministry’s staff members. “These programs aim at urging students to benefit from the different cultural, sports and historical programs and events regularly organized by the Clubs Department at Abu Dhabi Police represented by the Cultural and Social Activities section during school holidays,” he said. Moreover, Brigadier Al Nuaimi underlined that these programs contribute to strengthening their sense of patriotism.

In his address during the honoring ceremony, Colonel Saif Saeed Al Shamesi, Head of the Cultural and Social Activities Section at the Clubs and Sports Activities Department underscored the importance of the program in enhancing national spirit in young people, enabling them to fill their leisure time with beneficial activities, providing them with useful skills, and developing their talents so as to stay away from objectionable negative behaviors”.

He said: “The Abu Dhabi Police has adopted this approach, which aims at qualifying and training young people in various life skills through a periodic and elaborate program throughout the school year. The program includes a number of cultural, sports, recreational and heritage activities that reinforce their sense of belonging to the homeland and develop their skills. It also boosts their security and cultural awareness, in line with the Abu Dhabi police's strategy to enhance the public's trust and strengthen relationship with community members.

Towards the end of the ceremony that recently took place at the Police Officers Club in Abu Dhabi, the Clubs Department handed over certificates and commemorative gifts to students enrolled in the Friends of the Police program. The ceremony was attended by Brigadier Al Nuaimi, a number of officers, and a large turnout of parents.

It worth mentioning that for the second semester vacation 2015/2016, the Abu Dhabi Police Clubs and Sports Activities Department, represented by the Cultural and Social Activities Section had organized a busy program featuring recreational trips, as well as field visits to the departments and sections of the Ministry of Interior, the Abu Dhabi Police General headquarters, and visits to a number of public sector institutions in Abu Dhabi.
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