More than 120 students, sons and daughters of Abu Dhabi Police staff members benefitted from the Friends of the Police Program that was organized during the first semester holiday by the Clubs Department at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters. A ceremony was held at the Abu Dhabi Police Officers Club to celebrate the conclusion of the program’s events, during which certificates and commemorative gifts were distributed to participating entities and students. .

Colonel Saif Al Shamesi, Chief of Cultural and Social Activity Section at the Clubs Department, stressed the program’s importance in promoting patriotism in the youth’s spirit, enabling them to invest their leisure time with purposeful and beneficial activities, empowering them with skills and developing their talents, in a bid to encourage them to avoid bad and objectionable behaviors.

Colonel Al Shamesi said: “The Abu Dhabi Police has adopted this approach in an effort to qualify and train young generations and provide them with skills that would benefit them in their future life, through a regular and elaborate program throughout the school year. The programs include a wide variety of sports, cultural, recreational and heritage activities that contribute to ingraining the spirit of belonging to the homeland, developing their skills and boosting their security and culture awareness. This falls in line with the strategy of the Abu Dhabi Police in strengthening public confidence and reinforcing its relationship with the community.”

He noted that the first semester program included an array of beneficial and recreational activities. ““As a part of the program, students toured a number of police departments and historical sites. It also included educational and cultural lectures to educate students about the heritage of their parents and forefathers, in addition to horse riding skills and visits to a number of shopping and game centers.

Colonel Al Shamesi called upon parents to monitor their children and encouraged them to enroll in centers and clubs that provide constructive programs and activities during school holidays. He also urged them to increase their skills and potential, and to acquaint them with the appropriate activities for them.

The program, which included the participation of 120 students, included cultural competitions and sports games; self-defense and martial arts exercises; memorization of the Holy Quran; field trips; and a number of events, activities, projects and visits.

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