The Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior organized an awareness lecture that tackled the concept of the law respect culture and its impact on understanding the rights and obligations of individuals within the community. The lecture, which was held at the Vocational Education Institute for the students in Al Shahama area in Abu Dhabi, was attended by 204 students from the Khalifa Student Empowerment Program “Aqdar”.
The lecture was delivered by Lieutenant Abdullah Mohammed Al Muhairi, from the Law Respect Culture Bureau, who explained the concept of law respect and the purpose of establishing the Law Respect Culture Bureau. He also explained to students the traditional legal maxim “Ignorantia juris non excusat”; meaning “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”. He said: “In observance of this maxim, the UAE has given priority to educate individuals who lack sufficient education and culture by simplifying laws and explaining them to the various classes and segments of society, each in their own language.”

Lieutenant Al Muhairi added that the main objective of the Law Respect Culture Bureau is to make law respect an inherent part of the values and ethics of society and ensure that it is not observed solely out of fear of punishment. “Law respect is the finest form of urbanization and development of individuals and communities. Respect for the rule of law, which regulates relations between human beings, achieves equality and justice and prevents offences, is the coveted objective of every civilized society,”hesaid.

In conclusion, Lieutenant Al Muhairi highlighted the reasons for respecting the law, stating that the law defines the rights and duties of the individual within society. “It also protects and preserves these rights and achieves justice and equality for all,” he continued.

Legal education for 23 staff members at Sharjah Police

The Law Respect Culture Bureau also organized a legal education culture for 23 officers, non-commissioned officers and staff members of the Sharjah Police General Headquarters.

In his address during the lecture, Lieutenant Jassem Mohammed Khamis, from the Law Respect Culture Bureau, explained the concept of positive patriotism. He said: “The positive patriotism notion bears a great significance and reflects the impressive cohesion in the UAE society; as well as the spirit of cooperation between the people, which embodies the true meaning of patriotism.” He also discussed the rights and duties of both society and its members. He noted that the values and behavior of the UAE citizen, aim to nurture a well-educated generation of Emirati citizens, who are aware of their responsibility towards their country, family, and society.

For his part, Lieutenant Saif Rashid Al Hindasi, from the Law Respect Culture Bureau, highlighted the importance of instilling the law respect culture in police staff members, in a bid to promote positive behaviors and ethical professional practices among them. He continued: “Such lectures also aim to acquaint police staff members with the various legal aspects that regulate police officers’ work and with their legal and professional rights and obligations at all levels.”
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