The Clubs Department of the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters has concluded the activities of the ‘Friends of the Police’ summer program. A total of 347 sons and daughters of Abu Dhabi Police personnel participated in the program; with 225 students from Abu Dhabi and 122 from Al Ain. The program activities included recreational visits, cruises, a number of police department tours, and archery practice.

Colonel Aref Saif Al Shamesi, Head of the Clubs Department, highlighted that the experience with the Abu Dhabi Police was an overall success and a positive way to keep children occupied during their leisure time throughout the summer vacation. “The activities of the ‘Friends of the Police’ program, which are held at the end of each academic semester, are educational, cultural, and recreational. These activities additionally foster a sense of responsibility, and enable the students to participate further in spreading security awareness throughout our society,” he said.

According to Colonel Mohammed Hamad Al Badi, Acting Deputy Director of the Al Ain Police Directorate, the ‘Friends of the Police’ program is beneficial for both the student and their families. “The program aims to raise awareness, and to develop the intellectual and mental capabilities of these children in a productive way that fills their free time,” he said.

The closing ceremonies for the ‘Friends of the Police’ program activities in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain included a number of musical and theatrical showcases and a short film about the program.

Colonel Al Badi honored the students in Al Ain in order to motivate them to take advantage of the program’s activities and to utilize them in the service of the community.

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