Sheikh Khalid Bakhit bin Tannaf Al Menhali hosted a Ministry of Interior (MoI) council at his home in the Baniyas region of Abu Dhabi. The council was headed by media figure Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Shamiri, Director General and Editor-in-Chief of Al Watan Newspaper. Participants in the council recommended enhancing communication channels between parents and children to protect teenagers from the dangers of drugs. They then requested the cooperation of all social institutions to combat the scourge of drugs, starting with the family, which is the pivot of societies.

The council was held amongst the education councils organized by the Law Respect Culture Bureau in cooperation with the Security Media Department at the General Secretariat of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. Participants in the council called to enhance the concerned institutions’ efforts to prepare programs to educate the youth about the dangers of drugs and their negative impact on individuals and society.

They addressed the importance of educating parents about the dangers of drugs, to protect their children from addiction. This can be done through continuous follow up, enhanced direct communication channels between parents and children, parents listening to children and granting them full attention to hear their ideas and point of view, and monitoring their behavior inside and outside the house.

Participants stressed that bad company is one of the most important causes of teenagers’ addiction to drugs, and asked parents and families to adopt precautionary measures to protect their children by educating, advising and guiding them about how to choose their friends. Finally, they valued the MoI’s efforts to combat drugs.

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