The Abu Dhabi Police Clubs and Sports Activities Department, represented by the Cultural and Social Activities Section, is launching the Friends of the Police Program for the sons and daughters of officers, non-commissioned officers, and civil staff in the Ministry of Interior. The program will extend during the second term 2015/2016 vacation, with the participation of students aged between 7 and 12 years old.

The program that kicks off on Sunday 27 March, till Thursday 7 April in Abu Dhabi, will include recreational and educational activities designed to benefit from the students leisure time by driving them to acquire many skills and develop their talents, fostering their sense of responsibility, deterring them from committing delinquent behaviors and actions, and instilling values and entrepreneurial spirit they have.

Colonel Saif Saeed Al Shamesi, Chief of the Cultural and Social Activities Section at the Clubs and Sports Activities Department, highlighted the commitment of the Abu Dhabi Police to keep children occupied during their leisure time throughout the summer vacation, by providing them with character-building activities that develop their skills and experience alongside their physical and mental abilities. He also stressed the Abu Dhabi Police keenness to invest leisure time they have through cultural, social, and religious guidance, introduce them to their parents’ work nature and role in serving and protecting the society, and motivate their sense of creativity and innovation.

He said that the program includes recreational trips, sports as well as field visits to the department and sections of the Ministry of Interior, the Abu Dhabi Police General headquarters, the K9 Security Inspection Department, the Emergency and Public Safety Department among others, as well as visits to some of the public sector institutions.

Al Shamesi urged parents to enroll their children in centers and clubs that provide targeted programs and activities during their vacations, and to encourage them to upgrade their skills and potential and raise their awareness.

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