To commemorate the Arab Orphans Day, the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, represented by the Clubs Department, recently hosted a ceremony at the Abu Dhabi Police Officers’ Club. The ceremony was held in cooperation with the UAE Red Crescent.

The Clubs Department honored a number of top achieving orphans from different schools across Abu Dhabi, and presented them with commemorative gifts and appreciation certificates, in recognition of their excellent academic performance.

Brigadier Dr. Saif Hamdan Al Ka’bi, Director General of Finance and Services, stressed the commitment of the Abu Dhabi Police to participate in community events, and their keenness to provide care and assistance to orphans, and help them overcome the plight of being deprived of the love, compassion, and warmth that parents provide. This approach is inspired by the teachings of Islam that call for providing care to orphans; and is based on the UAE’s strategy, which stresses the need to nurture righteous generations capable of participating in the country’s development and progress.

Colonel Saif Al Shamesi, Head of Cultural and Social Activity Section at the Clubs and Sports Activities Department, noted that the idea of dedicating a day to celebrate orphans in the Arab world and to revive this observance annually is both a significant and noble gesture, designed to remind people of a forgotten precious category in society. He expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the efforts exerted by the UAE Red Crescent to organize purposeful activities and events in cooperation with a number of authorities and institutions. “Such activities positively impact the psychological caring of orphans, who are an important part of the local society and deserve care and attention to mitigate the impacts of their psychological and social circumstances,” he continued.

A host of activities was organized to mark the occasion and to bring joy to children’s hearts. The Security Inspection Department (K9) presented outstanding police sniffer dogs shows, while a number of students from Al Ikhlas School gave expressive artistic performances that are inspired from the Emirati tradition, which were highly acclaimed by the audience.

The event was attended by a number of officers, civilians, representatives of the UAE Red Crescent, and a large crowd of children.

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