Within just a few minutes, Abu Dhabi Police managed to evacuate staff members and customers from 3 adjacent police buildings in the capital, as part of a successful mock fire evacuation drill, based on the training scenario.

The buildings that took part in the drill were the Directorate General of Police Operations; the Capital Police Directorate; and the GIS Security Center that are affiliated with Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters.

The drill was carried out according to the environment, health and public safety system requirements, aimed at maintaining the security and safety of staff members and customers in the event of potential accidents. It is also designed to spread the security and safety culture, acquaint individuals with the optimal means to handle emergency cases, and ensure  the readiness of police buildings and staff members to handle different circumstances; in addition to testing the efficiency of evacuation plans and the fire extinguishing systems.

As soon as the fire alarm sounded, all staff members and customers were led to safety through the emergency exits, and secured at 2 assembly points in front and beside the Capital Police Directorate. The drill was carried out according to a well-thought plan, under the supervision of environment, health and public safety system instructors.

According to the training scenario, a ‘fire’ broke out in the main electrical room. Upon receiving the tip-off, the Operations Room notified the Civil Defense Department in Abu Dhabi (Al Bateen Station) and the Emergency and Public Safety Department, who immediately dispatched their teams to the incident site, to ensure timely intervention, according to the required average response time. The firefighting teams managed to contain the blaze and prevent it from spreading to the adjacent buildings.

As per the scenario, an Asian man sustained a minor injury due to smoke inhalation.  The injured received first aid from the emergency and public safety patrols on site, before being transferred to the nearest hospital for further treatment. Towards the end of the drill, supervisors discussed the various steps and measures undertaken during the training, with a view to assess procedures and attain the highest levels of performance.

It is worth noting that such training drills increase the efficiency of the security and safety bodies and sections, enhance staff members’ competencies and evaluate their readiness to better handle emergency situations they may encounter.

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