The Ministry of Interior, represented by the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense General Directorate, stressed the need to take the proper precautions when setting up Ramadan tents, and to observe safety and prevention requirements particularly with respect to electrical installations that should be done by specialists to prevent fires that increase during the summer season.

Colonel Juma Salem Al Dahmani, Acting Director of Abu Dhabi Civil Defense, announced that as part of "Your Safety" Campaign, a committee will be established to strictly enforce international best standards and practices and tent-safety regulations.  To this end, the inspection team will carry out tours to check on the safety of the tents and ensure full compliance with fire prevention and safety requirements as per the UAE code. An awareness team was also formed in order to educate and train staff on the proper behavior in case of emergency to provide safety for all Ramadan tents' visitors.

Colonel Al Dahmani added that the committee has formed several teams that will carry out extensive clampdown in the evening to monitor practices in such tents; ensure that fire extinguishers and safety systems are available; check on the safety of electric connections and extensions; and to ensure full compliance of tent owners with the safety and prevention requirements. The teams will also prepare daily reports about their findings, issue warnings and/or fines to any tent owners who fail to observe the safety guidelines that have been distributed to hotels and businesses, based on the extent of danger they pose on lives and public properties.

Colonel Al Dahmani called upon tent owners and visitors to remain cautious in such places, where fires tend to spread quickly because tents are made from highly flammable material. He also urged the public to report any wrongful behavior by tents’ owners and visitors, by calling the emergency number 999.

Colonel Al Dahmani pointed out the importance of the "Your Safety" Campaign carried out by the Security Media Department, at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, and its role in increasing awareness about safety and prevention requirements. The campaign, includes several awareness initiatives in preparation for the advent of Ramadan, and will continue throughout the Eid El Fitr holidays.

It is worth mentioning that preparations are underway at all civil defense departments across the UAE for the advent of the Holy Month of Ramadan, to guarantee the necessary safety requirements associated with this glorious occasion, notably the tents that offer Iftar meals and souhour, the Arish houses, poetry houses and home kitchens.

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