The Ministry of Interior (MoI) represented by the Traffic Coordination Department launched the third unified traffic awareness campaign for this year as a part of the traffic sector initiatives under the slogan “For Your Safety… Adhere to Traffic Rules.” This campaign will last for three months and aims to synergize the efforts of the concerned authorities and segments of society for motorists
to abide by the traffic rules and regulations of the road for their own safety.

Brigadier Ghaith Hassan Al Zaabi, Director General, Traffic Coordination Department, Ministry of Interior said that this campaign is an embodiment of the MoI’s strategy, stemming from the strategy of the federal government and the directives of the police leadership to attain the highest levels of traffic safety for everyone. The campaign is also a part of the strategic plan of the Traffic Coordination Department at the Ministry of Interior to control road security, promote traffic safety, and reduce traffic accidents and run-over cases.

Brigadier Al Zaabi added that the drivers’ lack of commitment to the rules and regulations of traffic  laws have caused 1302 accidents during the first-quarter of this year, resulting in 181 deaths, and 1929 injuries ranging from mild, moderate to severe injuries.

He also stressed the importance of promoting traffic awareness for all road users and for the compliance of the road and traffic rules for their own safety and the safety of others. He pointed out that safe and proper driving of vehicles is achieved by understanding the rules and regulations of traffic, and implementing these guidelines when faced with the ongoing risks through a correct and systematic approach.

Brigadier Al Zaabi mentioned that by building technical skills, drivers will be enabled to avoid critical situations, which leads to more safe and civilized driving. He also mentioned that using good manners while driving will protect people from the risks on the public roads. These manners should become a second nature to every driver, inseparable from his character and inclinations.

He also mentioned that the Traffic Coordination Department at the Ministry of Interior is carrying out this campaign in cooperation with: Traffic and Patrol Departments nationwide; more than 20 federal and local authorities concerned with traffic safety from both public and private sectors; and public welfare associations in the country that support the initiatives for creating safe environments and accident free roads. Brigadier Al Zaabi stressed the need to support the media efforts of all concerned authorities, and to highlight the role of the MoI and other related institutions in this campaign.

He explained that the campaign launched by the Traffic Coordination Department includes all segments of society. The laws and etiquette of traffic are guides for driving safely and are necessary to know, understand and implement.

Brigadier Al Zaabi said that the negligence of road users to the rules and regulations of traffic will not only expose them to legal accountability, but will also lead them to risk their lives and the lives of others. He pointed out that the campaign will be carried out across several media outlets including radio, newspapers, magazines, TV channels, and the internet. Media discussion sessions will also be organized, and will host a number of officials to communicate with the public about the campaign, and the values and culture of traffic.

He noted that the campaign “For Your Safety… Adhere to Traffic Rules” will be spread on websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and in forums and blogs. It will also be distributed as posters, brochures, and leaflets in public areas related to the campaign like fuel stations and places with public traffic.

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