The Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior organized an awareness lecture for mothers in the Al Shamekha area, in coordination with the Community Service Center of the Community Police Department at Abu Dhabi Police.

In her lecture, Milan Sharif, the legal researcher from the Law Respect Culture Bureau, explained the concept of law respect culture and its role in creating a social culture that emphasizes the importance and necessity of respecting the laws – which should be fostered throughout the years of a child’s upbringing. Such a culture can be cultivated by focusing on the role of the family, instilling moral values, and educating the children about the legal systems from a young age.

She said: “The educational process should elevate the concept of innate care to that of mental and psychological care in order to be commensurate with the risks that children are exposed to today.  Today’s era of technology carries risks that pose a greater threat to children that are not addressed in methods of conventional upbringing.  We are living in an age where a child sits in his room alone, where he has the capability to become exposed to all types of crimes or various forms of exploitation through mobile phones and iPads.”

Sharif additionally pointed out some of the mistakes many parents commit while raising their children.

The mistakes, ranging from excessive cruelty to over-spoiling their children, may result in major behavioral problems that could affect a child’s personality and their future educational and social capabilities. Problematic behavior could take the form of violence, delinquency, subservience or weakness, and other associated behaviors that would cause the child to be susceptible to becoming a perpetrator of victim of a crime.

She also explained the legal stance adopted by the legislature of the UAE regarding some of the behaviors that could stem from committing such errors. Sharif reviewed the set laws and punishments for many of the offenses that have involved young people due to their ignorance of the laws and the proper ways to treat others, including the most important offenses that are contained in the Cybercrimes Law. “Financial sanctions against the perpetrators of crimes can reach up to 500,000 AED in cases of insult or defamation, and can range between 150,000 to 500,000 AED for crimes related to publishing unauthorized pictures of others on social media. As punishable by law, the violator may also be subject to imprisonment,” she said.

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