​The Director General of Abu Dhabi Police Maj. Gen. Maktoum Al Sharifi, emphasized that the declaration of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of UAE about "2017 YEAR of GIVING"  is a faithful reflection to the aspirations of our wise leadership and shall provide wellbeing and goodness.  This year will be a curriculum for the U.A.E Citizens, and shall motivate them to participate in the institutional framework of an integrated and thoughtful march to complete the steps of the late, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan «God rest his soul», and sought to adopt the  goodness and wellbeing  as the factors of state development, according to the highest standards and specifications, and to promote the culture of tolerance deeply rooted in the hearts of Emiratis. He added that the "YEAR of GIVING" initiative, reflects the solidarity and responsibility of all social sectors as well as the private sector to be involved as strategic partners, and to be the pillar in the State Progress, contributing to the overall development process, enabling them to provide real services contributing to upgrade the level of development around the UAE, to promote a culture of goodness and wellbeing, which has become one of the most important merits in the UAE society, thanks to the vision of the wise leadership.

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