The Khalifa Student Empowerment Program launched an initiative that aims to foster awareness about the dangers and effects of drugs on individuals and society. The initiative will be implemented via media and social media and will coordinate with the National Anti-Drugs Council on both the principles and the distribution of messages, thereby helping parents to protect their children.

Implemented by the Security Media Department at the General Directorate for Security Support of the Ministry of Interior, the initiative promotes awareness to all segments of the community. It also aims to foster national efforts to counter drugs and achieve higher levels of social coordination and cooperation from both individuals and institutions. This will help in improving awareness levels of drugs and their associated dangers, especially among students, in order to create a savvy generation that will not easily fall victim to drugs.

The initiative falls in line with the efforts of the ministries, federal and local governmental authorities concerned with countering drugs. It also encourages civilian, non-governmental organizations to contribute to drug-countering efforts, oversee and conduct follow-up work on the tasks and recommendations of the higher committees under the National Anti-Drugs Council. Those organizations may also provide creative and innovative ideas that would assist the Council’s challenges and efforts in the fight against drugs going forward.

The initiative also calls upon both young people and social media influencers to contribute with efforts to raising awareness about the dangers of the scourge of drugs. It also encourages parents to engage in meaningful dialogue with their children and foster family talks to introduce them to the health dangers of drugs, as well as avoiding bad company.
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