The Khalidya Police station recently carried out a successful mock drill and managed to extinguish a fire that broke out at its main building and to evacuate staff members and customers within 5 minutes.

The drill falls in line with the environment, health and occupational safety system project and is designed to assess readiness of relevant entities in dealing with such emergency situations, in order to ensure the safety of staff members and customers and protect facilities and other supporting bodies.

During the drill, a disabled employee was evacuated to safety out of the building along with his colleagues through the safe exits and designated pathways to muster point outside the Khalidya Police station’s building.

According to the scenario and as per the procedural plan, and after receiving notification on the outbreak of a ‘fire’ at the station’s kitchen, civil defense teams and supporting bodies were immediately dispatched to the scene and managed to handle the incident professionally and efficiently. One of the injured was rescued and provided with first aid due to smoke inhalation.

In conclusion, the supervisors conducted an overall assessment of the different steps and procedures implemented during the drill, in order to attain the highest levels. Major Rashid Al Shamesi, Crime Affairs Director and Lieutenant Abdullah Al Yammahi (Coordinator of the drill), from the Khalidya Police station, supervised the mock drill, which was carried out in participation with the Civil Defense, the Traffic and Patrols Directorate, and the Security Media Department at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.

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