Irregularities of exceeding red signals decline in Abu Dhabi in 6 months
Major Khamees Isaac director of Traffic and Patrols department in deputy at Abu Dhabi Police GHQ assured that Abu Dhabi City has seen a marked decline in exceeding red signals during the first six months of the current year, which amounted to 2054 fines compared to the same period in 2005, which amounted to 2896 monitored by electronic surveillance cameras on the various crossings in Abu Dhabi City in addition to traffic and patrol observers who work 24 hours a day to control traffic. Major Isaac explained that the decline was due to this violation of the ongoing efforts that will be applied against violators including truck drivers which a number of them have been arrested for a week with impounding the car for a month in addition to retaining their licenses. He added regarding drivers of private vehicles will be signing the pledge for the first violation in addition to the fine. Major Isaac pointed out that 90 surveillance cameras are now working on the crossings in the city of Abu Dhabi since October 1st 2005 and he assured that these cameras are highly efficient and accurate monitoring and imaging violating vehicles.
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