The Smart Library at the Ministry of Interior recently organized a workshop at the Police Departments Complex in Abu Dhabi, to introduce the services and the electronic facilities offered by the library to the Ministry of Interior’s staff members, to allow them to get access to the scientific and practical content, using modern and advanced techniques.

Fatima Ahmed Darwish, head of the Smart Library at the Directorate General of Strategy and Performance Development at the Ministry of Interior, gave a detailed explanation to the participants, and staff members at the Ministry of Interior, about the Smart Library project, and the modern equipment and advanced technology used, in response to the directives of the police leadership, to provide the ministry’s staff members with electronic facilities that help them get access to its content at all times; in a way that serves the UAE government’s vision towards transforming government services into smart services.

Adding further, Darwish said: “The library will contribute to reinforcing partnerships via a unified platform for the exchange of information and the advancement of knowledge”. She also noted that the library will provide people with special needs with the opportunity to avail of the different services electronically or to consult the required content on-site at the library’s hall. In conclusion, Mrs. Darwish added that the library’s architectural design and educational environment provide an interactive environment, which keeps pace with the latest developments in information technology and smart services.

Mrs. Darwish stressed the ministry's keenness to reinforce strategic partnerships with international universities and prestigious higher education institutions, such as "Harvard", "Yale" and "Oxford", to further promote police work. She noted: “The smart library uses the latest and most advanced devices and equipment. It is a specialized information center providing reports and analysis for the benefit of decision-makers, in addition to specialized and high-efficiency techniques for summarization and translation. The library also uses the ‘pics for learning’ technique, by which images are used to reinforce learning (Data Visualization) in order to encourage reading”.

For his part, Dr. Hassan Al Momani of the Smart Library said: “The Library will contribute to support development initiatives and projects thanks to the valuable and extensive information it will provide. This reflects the Ministry of Interior's keenness to participate effectively and actively in supporting all electronic and smart projects that aim to promote the UAE’s e-presence on the Global Competitiveness Index, and reinforce customers’ experience by upgrading the quality of provided services in the field of education, digital culture, and different electronic means and knowledge.”

Dr. Al Momani pointed out that the Smart Library contains a variety of digital information sources, including 14 thousand e-books, 8 thousand scientific journals, over 3 thousand online newspapers that are updated every minute, and thousands of masters and PhD theses and dissertations from across the world; in addition to digital solutions and smart audio-visual software that support the expansion of knowledge or the academic attainment for the ministry’s staff members. He also pointed to the rules that need to be met to register in the Smart Library, which allows staff members to avail of the services and facilities, wherever they may be on site, via their own email on the ministry's website or police departments.

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