Information center on explosives 

Major-General Saeed Obaid Al Mazrouai, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police, has formed a committee to establish a centre of information on explosives that will provide the necessary inputs to the authorities concerned to take decisions on the matters related to security.
The committee will be chaired by Major Khalid Mohammed Al Shehhi, Director of explosives section at the Department of Weapons and Explosives, and will have a number of officers and experts from the Directorate-General of Police Operations as members.
Major Al Shehhi said recently that the centre would play a preventive role and build domestic and international cooperation for gathering information on the issues associated with the use of explosives.
Major Shehhi said the centre’s functions included providing accurate and reliable technical information relating to explosives to the competent authorities.
It would participate in international symposia and research in the field of explosives, and would also help Abu Dhabi Police especially in training personnel and exchange of information.
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