26.3.2008 :
Honest Policemen returns lost valuables to its owner
Honesty of Police men of the community Policing department of the Abu Dhabi Police helped to regain the valet of Mr. Abdullah Mukri, an Indian who lost the same near the premises of Al Agban primary school in Abu Dhabi
The valet was found by first sergeant Hassan Hamadi and Corporal Abdul Aziz Shehi while on their duty near the said school which contained 6625 Dhs, 170 Qatari riyals, identity cards and other valuables.
 Identifying the owner from the business card of a grocery found in the valet, the Al Rahba police traced the owner who was called to the Police station by First Lt.Salim Aedh Al Amri and gave the valet back to its owner after making sure that he is the genuine owner of the lost items.
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