Mon 03-10-2005


 High tech traffic monitoring in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

 New radars on Abu Dhabi and Al Ain roads to immediately send SMS to violators


A high tech monitoring system is being installed on Abu Dhabi and Al Ain roads which will alert motorists about traffic violations immediately through SMS to their mobiles.

 The system being installed by the Abu Dhabi Police is shielded with bullet proof cover and heat protection, will be more accurate.

 About one hundred cameras are currently monitoring intersections in the capital to detect motorists jumping the signal .The new advanced radars with their protective systems cannot be tampered with or affected by the climatic conditions.

 The radars are connected to digital messaging system, which will generate an SMS message to the mobile of the violator if the vehicle is resisted in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain.incase it is registered in any other emirate they will receive the message in one two days after verifying the registration

 The new sped monitoring devices would be installed on more roads to curb the speeding. Speed limits can be programmed as per the rules .Recently speed limit on some of the Abu Dhabi roads have been revised to improve road safety.

 The new system installed with advanced equipments in electronic monitoring with superior technical capabilities can produce better pictures and are not affected by climatic conditions. They also provide comprehensive coverage in all directions of the road on which they are installed.

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