ADP was able to the arrest the drug dealer how called himself (Ghost) and two of his partners, all of them Arab nationals, who were selling drugs for young people on Facebook, the social media program.

Brigadier Dr. Rashid Bursheed, the Director of Criminal Investigation Department at Abu Dhabi Police Said: the accused thought that he was far from the eyes of Abu Dhabi Police that are working all the time to maintain safety and security. He called himself the Ghost believing that his identity will not be revealed, because he is using social media for drugs dealing.

Brigadier Bursheed stated that the accused used Facebook to sell drugs for many young people, for money profit without regarding the destroying outcome on youth and community in cooperation with two of his partners, the follow-up and investigation teams pursued the accused, in efficiency and professionalism and that led to arrest the accused and his partners.

The director of CID said that after formatting of follow-up and investigation teams, and after cross-tracing the method used by the accused have been identified, and identifying his partners, all of them Arab nationals they were arrested in possession of narcotic pills that have been seized according to procedures, and they were detained for the completion of investigations.

Brigadier Dr. Rashid Bursheed confirmed that the CID has all the tools, equipment and professionalism, enabling them to monitor all illegal activities on websites and social media.

Brigadier Bursheed called upon parents to monitor their children and not letting them use internet on their own, and make them aware of the seriousness of communicating with strangers on the internet or social network sites, pointing the need for immediate reporting of any person who is trying to communicate with their children to take legal action against him.

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