Give way to Ambulances and Fire brigades – Traffic Police


The Abu Dhabi Traffic Police have appealed to all the motorists to gave to ambulances and fire brigades to facilitate the timely fire fighting and rescue operations

 Colonel Gaith Al Zaabi, director of Traffic and patrols in the General Headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police, said the drivers should give priority to ambulance and other rescue vehicles on the road to carry out their responsibilities of fire fighting and rescue operations and life saving of victims who are required to be given immediate medical assistance and to be rushed to the hospital.

 Not giving way to these vehicles is an uncivilized behavior that could lead to loss of life and property besides being a traffic law violation, said Col.Al Zaabi.

 He said that of late, it had been noticed that some of the motorists do not give way for the ambulance or the fire brigades which is highly irregular and cannot be tolerated .

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