The Genetic Fingerprint Database Section team won the first Forensic Evidence Department’s Six-a-side Football Tournament. In the final game, the database team defeated the director’s office team 5-4.

Colonel Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi, Director of the Forensic Evidence Department, handed the winning team its trophy, and distributed the second and third positions medals to the Director's Office team and the Forensic Biology and DNA Section team. This tournament kicked off at the Abu Dhabi Police personnel stadium with the participation of eight teams that represented the various Forensic Evidence Department’s sections.

Furthermore, Colonel Al Hammadi stressed the keenness of Abu Dhabi Police to promote the role of sports and to provide all necessary resources to achieve its goals.

Finally, he congratulated the winners of the tournament, emphasizing the importance of sports and its role in physical and mental balance. Moreover, he valued the participation of the sports team and lauded their higher technical performance in the tournament, and their outstanding results.


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