Gang of four busted


 Abu Dhabi police have busted a gang of four Jordanian women who were specialized

In breaking in to flats and escaping with valuables without leaving behind a single clue.

 Colonel Ahemed Al Awadhi, Director of criminal evidence at the General Headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police said that the burglars were masterly thieves and left not a single fingerprint at their strikes

 They were caught due to the uniformity of their operation in all the targets were concerned

 Criminal investigators found that all the burglaries have been committed in the same manner .they used to steal from places were the women deposited their valuables  and never noticed other valuables kept in living rooms served as a clue to the experts that the burglars must be women said Col.Awadhi.

 A perfect plan was devised to pursue these women by keeping an eye on flats in Abu Dhabi. The plan worked and the four Jordanian women fell in to the trap, he said.

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