GCC Traffic week begins
Abu Dhabi Police to organize various programs and campaigns
A proposed federal traffic law, which stipulates the cancellation of a driver’s licence as censure for violating various traffic rules or causing death and serious injury, will be promulgated by the end of the year, according to senior official of the Ministry of Interior.
Major General Saif Al-Shaffar, Under Secretary at the Ministry of Interior, said this during a news conference in Abu Dhabi after inaugurating the 22nd AGCC traffic week at the Marina Mall. The final draft of the law is ready to be presented to the Cabinet for approval.
“I believe all necessary aspects are covered by the law I expect it to be approved by the Cabinet and enforced this year,” said Major Gen Shaffar.
 He explained the main aim of the ministry was to prevent an increase in the number of deaths caused by unruly drivers, and the new law will help it achieve to objective.
The new federal law lists 150 specific traffic violations- and the crucial ones are:
Driving 60 kilometers per hour over the speed limit.
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Driving without a licence or number plate.
Causing accidents that result in road deaths.
Licence of any driver who has 24 points against them for violating these rules will be revoked for three months.
If the driver repeats ant of these violations a second time, the licence will be revoked for six months. Should the same driver transgress for a third time, the licence will be cancelled and the motorist will have to appear again for a fresh driving test to receive a licence.
The 22nd AGCC week is begin observed all over the country under the theme “prevention is safer” several hundred school children took part in the opening day.
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