The 31st GCC Traffic Week kicks off next Sunday in the UAE under the slogan “Your Choice Determines Your Destiny.”

The preparation committee, comprised of traffic departments at the Ministry of Interior, reiterated the keenness to ensure the success in increasing and promoting the traffic awareness of citizens and residents in order to achieve the future vision of zero fatalities in road accidents through the ‘Vision: Zero 2030’.

Colonel Jamal Salem Al Ameri, Head of the Preparation  Committee, stressed on the importance of coordinating the efforts between different traffic departments in the UAE for community events which target social awareness and community-based culture. Such efforts are also to be made as an embodiment of the Ministry of Interior’s strategy to make the roads safer.

He explained that the committee held six coordination meetings with traffic departments in the UAE to review the activities and events to be launched during the celebrations of GCC Traffic Week. The meetings were reflective of the concern all participating authorities have for promoting the efforts to raise awareness in order to reduce traffic accidents alongside the subsequent human, economic and social losses that follow.

Colonel Al Ameri stated that one of the most prominent events during the GCC Traffic Week will be a motorbike parade, which will roam throughout each of the Emirates with the banner of the Traffic Week flying with them. Additionally, there will be a mobile awareness convoy, which will launch its activities from the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and will be headed by a traffic education patrol and a traffic awareness bus. The convoy will visit all of the Emirates and their most highly-visited areas to provide traffic lectures. The lectures will focus on raising motorist awareness about traffic laws, and the importance of adhering to designated speeds, using seatbelts, and not using phones during driving.

The activities will include: awareness presentations displayed in the Burj Khalifa and major shopping malls, workshops, lectures, forums, public councils, educational competitions, and a free painting studio. Throughout the events, videos designed with innovative simulative methods will be played in order improve drivers’ road behavior, and awareness programs will be broadcasted via the media networks, radio messages, and social networking sites.

Colonel Al Ameri invited all sectors of society to participate in the events and said: “the main objective of Traffic Week is to continuously and relentlessly ensure that our citizens and residents increase their understanding of the rules and etiquette of traffic, and to remind them of the importance of adhering to the traffic laws.”

Al Ain Discusses GCC Traffic Week Preparations with Partners

The Al Ain Traffic Department at the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate, along with a number of internal and external partners from the public and private institutions in the city of Al Ain, discussed the ongoing preparations for the events and initiatives of the 31st GCC Traffic Week that is scheduled to kick off next Sunday under the slogan “Your Choice Determines your Destiny.”

The meeting was held Sunday morning at the Al Ain Police Officers Club, and was chaired by Colonel Hamad Nasser Al Bloushi Head of Peripheral Regions Traffic Department.

Colonel Hamad noted that the events are scheduled to be held from 8-14 of March at the Al Ain Mall. The kickoff for the main event will begin at 10 a.m. on 8 March.  He added that the events are intended for all segments of society, and are in line with the strategy of the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ to reach as many citizens and residents as possible in order to make the roads safer.

He called for continuously raising the level of cooperation and communication between the Traffic and Patrols Directorate and all of its institutions, especially during the activities of Traffic Week.

He added that the objective of the meetings are for participants to collaboratively work together in order to achieve the goals of the traffic education programs and to always convey the message that it is important for road users to both respect and proactively abide by all traffic laws.

For his part, Major Matar Abdullah Al Muhairi, from the Al Ain Traffic Section, introduced the participating parties in the meeting and invited them to provide their suggestions to participate in the activities of the GCC Traffic Week.  

For his part, Lieutenant Nasser Khalifa Al Shamesi, Public Relations Branch Manager at Al Ain Traffic Section, stressed the importance of cooperation between stakeholders in providing their best by actively and efficiently participating in the events. He wished good luck for all those who are helping to achieve a successful Traffic Week, and in turn, the participants voiced their full readiness to effectively participate in the 31st GCC Traffic Week with all available capabilities.

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