The GCC Security Education and Training Forum continues its activities for the second consecutive day at the Park Rotana Hotel in Abu Dhabi under the slogan “Competency Based Police Training”. The UAE is hosting this event for the first time and is organized by the Police College in cooperation with the Secretariat General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

The second training session of the forum was headed by Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Nasser Al Baker, Director of Postgraduate Studies at the Police College and addressed the general framework of competencies and assimilation capacity: The Ministry of Interior’s Model.  Dr. Bilal Khalaf Al Sakarnah, Professor of Management at the Police College, presented a paper that discussed the concept of capacity building and development for the staff members of the police and security institutions.  “This concept focuses on basic and advanced training and the means to relate it to their skills and knowledge,” he said. Moreover, Dr. Al Sakarnah also discussed the means of career development for each level of leadership, including the first, middle and higher levels.

Dr. Al Hadi Khodjaly Al Tayeb, Professor of Management and Training Expert at the Officers Training Institute, discussed the competency framework, its purpose, and indicators, as well as the concept and the types of competencies, their attributes, the relationship between competency framework and human resources operations, the development methodology of the competency framework and leadership competencies indices. Dr. Al Tayeb also addressed the common behavioral and technical competencies and their indicators. Towards the end of the session, the questions and inquiries of the participants were addressed and answered.

On the same note, Colonel Barakat Al Kendi, Chief of the Systems Development Section, ICT Department at the Abu Dhabi Police shed light on the state-of-the-art and modern projects, programs and systems implemented by the Abu Dhabi Police, as well as on a number of projects that have been implemented at the level of the GCC countries.

GCC delegations participating in the Security Education and Training Forum visited the Abu Dhabi Police College, where they were received by Lieutenant Colonel Khaled Abdullah Al Khouri, Police College Deputy, alongside department heads, and a number of officers at the College.

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Nasser Al Baker, Director of Postgraduate Studies at the Police College welcomed the delegations. Lieutenant Colonel Al Baker briefed the visiting delegations regarding the inception of the Police College, its departments and sections, and the tasks and duties the College carries out. He also acquainted them with the various training, and educational and electronic programs offered by the College to graduate police officers who enjoy the highest level of competence in order to engage them in various areas of police work. The delegations also reviewed the e-learning program implemented in the Police College.   

Furthermore, the visiting delegations also visited the Crime Scene Department at the Abu Dhabi Police, where they were briefed on the workflow at the Crime Scene Departments, its procedures, and experience in qualifying and training of human cadres.

The delegations viewed several scenarios to learn about the procedures of examining and analyzing crime scenes, the proper methods of handling prints and evidence, ways to photograph crime scenes, and how to remove and send the prints, evidence, and photographs to the competent authorities. They also watched a show displaying the latest devices and technology used to detect prints and evidence at crime scenes.

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