The delegations participating in the GCC Security Education and Training Forum were acquainted with the services of the Operations and the Forensic Evidence Departments in Abu Dhabi Police.

The delegations visited the Forensic Evidence Department, and watched a documentary about the services provided by the department and the progress of their efforts in the fields of technology, science, and humanity. 

Colonel Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi, Head of the Forensic Evidence Department, provided a short explanation about the development stages of the forensic laboratories and of the interest of the police leadership in developing technical and human potential in order to achieve the best security practices in the application of justice.

The visitors toured the sections of the Forensic Evidence Department and were acquainted with the methods of conducting various tests, and learned about the forensic evidence management e-system, which is considered one of the most developed systems worldwide.

They also visited the building of the Operation Room and listened to a detailed explanation from Lt. Colonel Mohsen Saleh Al Yafe'i, Deputy Head of the Operations Department, regarding the functions and strategic plans of the room. They were also acquainted with the informatics system in the Police Operation Room, the means to handle reports, the developed technical systems to receive notifications, and the means to handle them according to a modern system.

The delegation also watched a documentary that highlighted the most important achievements in the Operation Room alongside the methods used to follow-up with incidents and implement modern technologies in further enhancing and accelerating responses. The film also showcased how the room categorizes and lists the forensic notifications.

The delegation then visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, a major Islamic monument in the UAE, and visited the tomb of the late HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan; wishing him mercy and forgiveness and remembering his wise approach and values that promoted a culture of tolerance, dialogue, and coexistence.
The GCC Security Education and Training Forum, hosted in the UAE for the first time, was held under the slogan “Police Training Based on Efficiency” and will conclude tomorrow, Thursday.

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