A delegation from the GCC Ministries of Interior reviewed the developments achieved in the training field and the state-of-the-art technologies adopted by the Weapons and Explosives Department at the Directorate General of Security and Ports Affairs of the Abu Dhabi Police. This visit is in line with the mutual visits among the GCC countries to promote cooperation in various security areas. 

Brigadier Dr. Saif Bou Dhfeera Al Ameri, Director General of Security and Ports Affairs, said that the visit exemplifies the close ties that bring together the brothers within GCC countries.

“The police leadership endeavors to establish new security concepts due to the importance of close cooperation between the police and members of the community in addition to its belief that everyone is entitled to live in a secure and stable environment. The Ministry of Interior and the police entities aim to achieve these goals to enhance growth and provide job opportunities,” said Al Ameri in a statement on the occasion.

Colonel Al Ameri lauded the delegation’s visit to Abu Dhabi Police, which embodies the sincere and productive cooperation between GCC countries. Furthermore, he pointed out that the UAE offers a model for such cooperation and expertise exchange in many fields including security. “The UAE’s achievements have furthered its status beyond the ranks of developed countries. The country is providing security and services; enabling it to turn into a role model worldwide,” he explained.

For his part, Colonel Hamid Al Afrit, Head of the Weapons and Explosives Department met the delegation and briefed them about the department’s tasks and functions, the steps adopted to establish the Information Center, its development phases, and the national human resources qualification through training and scientific requirements, which enabled them to obtain regional and international accreditations.

Moreover, Captain Khalifa Al Fliti, Chief of the Training Section at the Weapons and Explosives Department, explained the role of the Training Institute to the delegation. The explanation included its work methods and the topics covered by the courses, as well as its development phases to achieve the aspirations of the Abu Dhabi Police, which is to provide its members with adequate knowledge and security expertise.
First Lieutenant Matar Al Shamsi, Director of the Security Information Center, tackled the method of collecting information and handling cases. He also reviewed the software mechanisms and sophisticated databases, as well as the Information Center’s achievements. Additionally, he overviewed its regional and international relations and its scientific approach to work. The delegation then toured the center accompanied by Lieutenant Mohammed Omar Al Hamid, Coordinator of the Centre, who explained the information exchange operations with partners and international and regional organizations to the delegation.  He also covered saving methods.

Concluding, the delegation viewed a film for developed security vehicles, devices, and equipment; they also listened to an explanation about their functions in maintaining security.

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