Follow all the ownership transfer procedures to avoid any possible troubles
The first owner of the vehicle and the show room supervisors will be held responsible for any offences related to the vehicles; if the procedures in respect of ownership transfer have not been completed in Toto. The consequences include the black points, fines and seizure of the vehicle.
First Lt. Jumma Al Housani, head of traffic offences section sated that the first owner shall not be exempted from the responsibilities unless the second owner admits the offences or else will have to prove his innocence in the court of law.
Families are also advised to include in their driver’s contract about his responsibilities for the offences or fines acquired during his tenure of service. Workshops will be held responsible for any offence committed during the period of repair. The workshops will be asked to make such a contract, said Al Housani
Al Housani suggested that the companies with a fleet of vehicles to maintain a log book of their vehicles showing its schedule and details of the driver to help them track the offence and the person responsible for it. Renewal of registration will be done only after identifying the offence and offenders he added.
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