There were 28 traffic accidents that occurred during the 43rd National Day holidays between 2-6 December- of which resulted in five deaths and 42 injuries, according to Brigadier Ghaith Hassan Al Zaabi, Director General, Traffic Coordination Directorate General, Ministry of Interior.

Brigadier Al Zaabi said: “According to the statistics of the traffic accidents, the accidents involved eight accidents from swerving, five run-over accidents, 13 crashes, and the remaining two accidents fall under different classifications.”

He pointed out that the main cause of accidents during the holiday was due to suddenly swerving – as this resulted in eight accidents – and was followed by speeding without paying attention to the road conditions – which resulted in five accidents. The third main cause of traffic accidents involved the failure to leave a sufficient distance between vehicles, which caused four accidents. The remaining 11 accidents were a result of speeding, inattention or respect to other road users, entering the road without ensuring proper clearance, running red lights, and failing to drive within the designated lanes.

He also indicated that sudden swerving was the main cause of deaths and injuries, as it resulted in two deaths and 10 injuries, and is followed by the failure to leave sufficient distance between vehicles, which resulted in eight injuries. Speeding without paying attention to the road conditions resulted in one death and five injuries. Two deaths and 14 injuries varying between severe, moderate, and mild were due to speeding, running red lights, not paying attention to the road, and entering the road without ensuring proper clearance. Five people were injured due to not driving within the designated lanes, inattention or respect to other road users, and lack of the driving skills.

Brigadier Al Zaabi stressed that the victims of the traffic accidents during the National Day celebrations paid dearly because of the drivers’ recklessness, behavioral indiscretions, and failure to abide by the rules and regulations of traffic and road safety. The irresponsible behavior of some drivers led to accidents that resulted in the deaths and injuries. He also reiterated the commitment of the Traffic and Patrols Directorates in the UAE to ensure that all abide by the traffic conditions of the roads during holidays and events in order to guarantee the public safety.

It is worth mentioning that prior to the National Day holiday, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) had released a set of rules for decorating cars and parades – which were disseminated in a bid to reduce accidents and disturbances. The MoI had stressed the importance of abiding to the rules of traffic and of expressing happiness for this occasion in a civilized manner.

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