The Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior organized an awareness lecture for female members of the ICT Department at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters. The lecture tackled the law respect culture and the means of implanting this concept in the spirits of young generations starting from the early stages of development of their psychological and social character.

Milan Sharif, supervisor of the legal education program at the Law Respect Culture Bureau, elaborated during the lecture on the social and psychological aspects of educational concepts that focus on the family role in child education and social identity creation. The family is responsible for delivering the society’s message, along with its moral values and legal systems to the child. These processes should be done gradually and thoughtfully since the very early stages to puberty.

Sharif also indicated that the child education process has expanded beyond the concepts of the innate parental care, as it is essential now for parents to be aware of the scientific basics of this mission that eventually leads to producing socially good citizens who positively contribute in building and developing their society. On the other hand, lack of proper upraising may produce negative citizens who have no connection to their society, who are only challenging and confronting the society’s values and laws.

The lecture also included a view about the behavioral issues that result from educational mistakes which parents make but with good faith. These issues mean that the child is always exposed to dangers as he may approach the world of delinquency and crime without being aware of the dangers of such behavior.

Sharif shed light on the strict legislative stance regarding illegal behaviors. She reviewed the various degrees of punishments stated by the law, ranging from financial fines that amount up to AED 1 million for cybercrimes, to imprisonment punishments from one month up to life sentence. Sharif also stressed that parents mistakes in educating their children may reflect in crimes committed by the children which may cost them long years behind bars, and make the parents suffer emotionally because of the state of their children.
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