Fake passport racket busted 
The security agencies from the Ministry of Interior in coordination with the Sharjah and Ajman counter part have busted an organized gang engaged in forging passports and selling it to their prospective victims.
The Pakistani nationals engaged in this activity used to lull the victims by offering them UAE residence visas on their arrival on visit visas and obtain their passports for stamping residence visas. Then they forge these passports with others photographs who wish to enter UAE and charge dirham’s 3000 for the faked passports.
The security agencies succeeded in befriending with the gang in the pretext of needing their assistance for entering the country. The gang offered the undercover security agents to deliver the passport at Abu Dhabi international airport and all the information were coordinated between the Sharjah and Ajman security agencies which led to the arrest of the gang on the spot. The case is being transferred to the public prosecution for trial.
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