The Ramadan Council hosted by Faisal Abdullah bin Juma’ Al Tunaiji, Member of the Federal National Council (FNC) in Al Ramis region in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), stressed the importance of establishing a studies center specialized in social media. The council called for promoting the cultures of family interaction with children who use social media in order to direct them correctly.

The council organized by the Law Respect Culture Bureau, in the General Secretariat of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior called for spreading the awareness that is represented by self-control in term of using social media. The aim of this is to prevent the youth from falling a pray to individuals with bad intentions. The council also called for developing TV and Radio shows that debate and speak to social media users.

The council stressed the importance of security, education and social specialized entities to follow up with the latest scientific researches published on social media by research centers around the world. In addition to the importance of having a social security institution that looks into quick developments related to social media to limit their dangers and reduce their impacts on users. The council said that it was also important to develop social programs or rehabilitation centers for social media users (males and females) following the example of juvenile care and social support centers

The council called for allocating prizes for users of new media means in order to spread a positive atmosphere among the users of these networks. It also called for including social media as a subject in the curriculums in universities, and urged the Ministry of Interior to adopt the recommendations and refer them to the concerned authorities.

The council was attended by Talal bin Nasser Al Tunaiji, Director General of Department of Strategic Planning and Institutional Excellence in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Najeeb Abdullah Al Shamesi, Director General of the Higher Advisory Commission at the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) General Secretariat; Muhammed Hassan Al Kamali, Director of Communication Department, Federal National Council; Dr. Faisal Obaid Al Tunaiji, Director of Curriculums Department at the Ministry of Education; Dr. Aref Al Ajeel, Director of RAK International Training Center; Colonel Muhammed Saeed Al Hamidi; Colonel Salem Sultan Al Darmaki; Colonel Ahmed bin Juma’ Al Tunaiji from RAK Police General Headquarters; Major Fawaz Ali Abdullah from Security Media Department at the General Secretariat of the Office of His Highness Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior; Lawer Ali Al Haddad; and a number of high level guests and parents of students.

The council discussed the topic “The Influences and Effects of Social Media” which was moderated by the media personality Ali Al Shamesi.

Host Faisal Abdullah bin Juma’ Al Tunaiji praised the achievements of the country, the advanced position it has reached and the good reputation it enjoys as a result of the higher leadership’s keenness and support to make the UAE citizens and residents live in prosperity, stability and security. He expressed gratitude to the Ministry of the Interior for its initiative in organizing Ramadan councils throughout the country. He said that this expresses the noble goals for the good of country and its citizens. He noted during his speech the pride he takes in hosting this council, and welcomed all attendees.

Talal bin Nasser Al Tunaiji spoke about wise leadership’s vision in providing a decent life for citizens, noting that the achievements will continue in all fields, and the UAE will always be characterized with the cohesion it enjoys which is observable to everyone.

Najeeb Abdullah Al Shamesi said that what the security and stability enjoyed by the UAE is a result of the social cohesion between all segments of the society that love their country, along with the respect that the UAE has for the individual human and his rights.

For his part Muhammed Hassan Al Kamali, Director of Communication Department, Federal National Council, said that: “any citizen on this land is an ambassador for his homeland, therefore he has to be a shining interface for his country. He has to realize that the Founders of the UAE made all necessary sacrifices to build and establish this federation of emirates (UAE), and pushed it forward until it has reached this high status. The UAE today is mentioned everywhere, and many people wish to come and live here because they believe in the security and stability enjoyed by this country. We are pleased with the achievements, love and cohesion we see among all segments of the UAE community.

Dr. Aref Al Ajeel, Director of RAK International Training Center praised the role played by the founder of the UAE the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in uniting the people of the country. Al Ajeel said: “The steps taken by Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan are being followed by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and his bothers Their Highnesses Members of the Supreme Council Rulers of the Emirates. Education and health are among the main services required by individuals, and in this regard, the UAE is providing the maximum to ensure that we have human resources that are equipped with highest degrees.”

Colonel Muhammed Saeed Al Hamidi mentioned in his intervention that preserving the security of the country is a common responsibility and every individual has to be the watchful eye that protects the achievements of the country. He noted: “the security sector in the country have made grand leaps and enjoys today high standards in terms of quality. The police have become a partnership between all segments of the society, and these Ramadan councils represent a type of this partnership with the community.”

Major Fawaz Ali Abdullah from Security Media Department said that social media is now dominating a large segment of societies, and has multiple effects on it.
Concluding the council; a commemorative gift was given to Faisal Abdullah bin Juma’ Al Tunaiji for hosting this Ramadan gathering

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