The Punitive and Correctional Establishments at Abu Dhabi Police (Al Ain Section) held an exhibition for inmates and detainees' products at Tawam Hospital in Al Ain. This exhibition was organized in cooperation and coordination with the hospital’s management.

The exhibition reflects the Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters' strategic plan aiming at rehabilitating, correcting and caring for inmates and detainees through continuous training and correction. It also focuses on investing inmates’ times in a way that benefits them and the society as well with the aim to encourage and prepare them for social integration.
A large number of visitors and patients attended the exhibition and praised the workmanship and innovation of products, and their quality. The exhibition included classical households with low prices such as tables, mirrors, paintings, lockers, etc.

Mohammed Al Dir’e, Head of Patients Affairs at Tawam Hospital, welcomed the inmates and detainees' participation under the supervision of the Punitive and Correctional Establishments at Abu Dhabi Police. He stressed the keenness of social institutions to implement social responsibility. He also stressed over Tawam Hospital's continuous readiness to provide continuous cooperation and support, adding that “it is our duty to support inmates by providing them opportunities to reveal their talents and present their products to the Hospital's patients and visitors.”
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