H.E Colonel Saif Al Kutbi, Police College Director, awarded on Thursday Excellence badges for top achievers among students of batches 24, 25, 26 and 27 for the following academic terms (Terms 7 and 5 for batch No. 25; Terms 5 and 3 for batch No. 26; and terms 3 and 1 for batch No. 27). 94 distinguished students were honored, for achieving excellence in academic, training, behavioral and leadership applications fields.
The ceremony, which was held at the Al Ittihad Hall at the college, was attended by heads of departments and chiefs of sections, along with a number of Police College officers, instructors supervising the students’ batches, and faculty members at the College.

The honoring is in pursuance of the established traditions of the Police College to honor distinguished students.

Addressing the ceremony, Colonel Saif Al Kutbi urged the honored students to exert further efforts and wished them luck and success in their academic and training career.  He expressed his thanks to the officers and instructors for their dedicated efforts to provide the proper environment for the training and academic programs, with a view to graduate qualified cadets capable of shouldering responsibilities.

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