English Language Training for Police Personnel


Abu Dhabi police have organized several training courses to improve the English language skills of their staff.

Major Khalifa Batti al shamsi, director of the training department, said that the Police understand the importance of improving the capabilities of the police cadres including their skills in speaking English.

He said the training department has always been keen on providing its staff with diverse and comprehensive training programs and every department had different training courses.

The staffs at the naturalization and residency department for example have been provided with a training course of set standard .another course for the traffic and patrolling department will be held soon. The English idioms and expressions pertaining to driving are to be included in the course.

A similar course including English expressions regularly used at airports, travel, inspection and boarders will also be held for the ports department.

Like wise the staffs of the information, public relation, medical services, central operations department also will go through similar courses said Al Shamsi.

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