The Technical Committee entrusted with the task of meeting with candidates for the second edition of the Ministry of Interior’s Award for Smartphone Applications concluded the assessment sessions with the participating university students from across the UAE, in order to evaluate ideas and proposals according to the standards adopted by the Ministry of Interior.

Major General Dr. Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, Director General of Central Operations and Head of the E-Services and Smart Applications Team at the Ministry of Interior, said that the quality and efficiency of the submitted proposals have exceeded expectations, and were particularly creative and suitable for a wide range of recipients across the various segments of society, people with special needs, the elderly and the business sector.

Adding further, Major General Al Raisi noted that a significant number of these proposals support the Ministry of Interior’s efforts in studying and analyzing data designed to enhance procedures to fight crimes using an array of modern and smart technologies and tools that provide the police with the ability to monitor potential crimes and respond to the ministry’s service and policing duties and activities.

Major General Al Raisi also emphasized the full-fledged commitment to ensuring and maintaining impartiality and implementing the principle of institutional transparency. In conclusion, he said that several committees and teams were formed to ensure the efficiency of the Ministry of Interior’s Award for Smartphone Applications in its different stages. “The qualified proposals will be reviewed and scored by a neutral selection committee composed of experts in the field,” he concluded.

For his part, Major Eng. Hassan Muthanna Al Harbi, Head of the Award’s Technical Committee, revealed that most entries submitted by students were unique. “The submitted proposals availed of smart technologies that would serve the smart e-transformation process for key police work activities, such as the smart Google Glass and internet-based technologies, and would support the delivery of interactive services based on artificial intelligence,” he concluded.

The assessment sessions were attended by Colonel Salah Ahmed Mireich, Head of Technical Support Department in the Ministry of Interior; Major Salem Abdullah Sakr, Head of the Technical Team for Institutional Distinction at the Electronics and Telecommunications Services Directorate General at the Ministry of Interior; along with members of the Technical Team for personal meetings, and a number of coordinators form the participating universities’ academic staff.

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